If you are struggling to find an income and put food on the table for your family, the US government is ready to help you. You may be eligible for the EBT card that can help you purchase groceries and even help you meet your daily needs. With an EBT card, you can buy all your necessities at partner stores so you can worry less about your needs and focus more on applying for jobs.

The EBT card is part of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and is often used by eligible beneficiaries for their needs. The benefits are given every month until they can provide on their own or when they can get a job. It is a great way to help Americans who need nutritional and financial support.

If you are interested in learning about the EBT card, its benefits, eligibility, and how to apply, check out the guide below.

EBT Card: Benefits, Eligibility and How to Apply
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What is an EBT Card?

An EBT card functions similarly to a debit card where the government provides you with funds to help you purchase food for you and your family. 

EBT Card: Benefits, Eligibility and How to Apply
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An additional fund will be added if you can provide more requirements during your application but this will be on a case-to-case basis. 

The program called SNAP also offers free education and training to those who are qualified to work and participants can get free child care alongside having the card. 

There are also free nutrition education classes that can help you do more with the budget that is given to you.


How to Use Your EBT Card

Once you receive your EBT card after application, you can use it in just about any establishment that accepts SNAP benefits or EBT cards. Some of these partner establishments include Walmart and many other major grocery stores in the US. 

You can also check out other local stores, food markets, and other food retailers in your area to see if they accept SNAP benefits or your EBT card. 

To use the card, select the eligible items as usual and at the counter, use the card to pay for your items just like you would pay using a debit card. Remember that the cashier will only accept eligible items and you will either have to return, forfeit, or pay for the items that are not eligible. 


Are You Eligible for the EBT Card?

To be eligible for the EBT card, you will need to be eligible for the SNAP benefits as well. 

EBT Card: Benefits, Eligibility and How to Apply
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Here are some of the requirements that you need to prepare for you to be eligible for the EBT card.

Monthly Household Income

You must be eligible for the required monthly household income if you want to apply for the EBT card. 

You don't have to worry about doing all of the work as an evaluator will be looking into this. 

Your household income must be below 130% of the poverty level for you to be eligible.

Your Overall Finances

Each state will have different eligibility requirements so it is best that you check your state's main website and look for the requirements. 

Some states only require you to be below the poverty level and some documents to present so you can get the EBT card. 

Other states also take other resources such as the money in your bank or your overall finances into account when reviewing your eligibility for the card.

Applying for the EBT Card

Now that you have sorted the eligibility requirements for the card, it is time that you apply for the card and the many other benefits of SNAP. 

EBT Card: Benefits, Eligibility and How to Apply
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There are several ways for you to apply for your EBT card and each option will be discussed below.

Online Application

This is probably the most convenient and easiest way to apply for your EBT card. Simply head over to your state's main website and click on Apply. 

Fill out the application form and upload all the necessary documents required for the card. You can also mail or send the documents via fax but this will take some time. 

Once approved, you should be able to receive your EBT card within a few weeks.

Phone Application

You can also call your local SNAP office to apply for the EBT card. 

Provide all the necessary information over the phone and you can send the documents through mail or fax afterwards. 

They will then review all the details once they receive the documents and if approved, they will send you the card.

In Person

Another way to apply for the card is by visiting your local DTA office in person. Bring all of the required documents with you. 

You might also need to prepare yourself for an interview if you are eligible for the card. 

If approved, your card will be sent to the address that you declared during your application.

Check Your Application Status

It might take some time for them to review your application so you will need to get some regular updates. 

You can call the local office or wait for their message or email for updates on your application status. 

You can also use DTA Connect to check your case status to see if you are close to being approved.

Check Out The Benefits of Having an EBT Card

The DTA office will mail you the EBT card at the address that you mentioned during the application. 

EBT Card: Benefits, Eligibility and How to Apply
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The funds will then be sent to your EBT card for you to shop for food. 

Use the card much like how you use your debit card and experience these benefits.

Buy Healthy Food

Your EBT card is mainly for purchasing healthy food for you and your family. With the EBT card, you have access to fruits, vegetables, meat, and many other healthy food options. 

You cannot use the EBT card to purchase liquor, vitamins, medicines, live animals, and hot meals. 

With the EBT card, you get nutritious food for the entire month.


Years ago, SNAP beneficiaries would have to use food stamps to access all the benefits. This can be quite inconvenient if you lose your food stamp and you end up not having to enjoy your benefits. 

With the EBT card, you can use the card in almost every grocery store in the US. 

You can even use the card in many markets these days so you have more options for fresh and healthy food.


Having the EBT card can be a lifesaver for you and your family. With all the benefits that you get from the EBT card and SNAP, it is high time that you find out if you're eligible for the card and apply for it. 

Make sure to follow the guide mentioned above so you can have a better chance of getting approved for both the EBT card and its benefits.