Every woman knows how risky it is to be pregnant. There are certain changes in your body that you need to take care of especially now that you have another life within you. Having financial security during pregnancy helps in relieving the stress you feel.

Pacific Prime UK maternity insurance provides comprehensive health coverage for all stages of pregnancy. The insurance plan helps ensure that mothers have access to the best possible care during this very important time.


With its wide range of coverage options, benefits, and competitive rates, it is the ideal choice for mothers. Find out more about this maternity insurance, who is eligible, and how you can apply in the following article.

Maternity Insurance - Who Is Eligible and How to Apply
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Learn More About the Pacific Prime UK Maternity Insurance

Pacific Prime UK maternity insurance is a comprehensive health insurance plan designed to provide coverage for the medical costs associated with maternity care. 

Maternity Insurance - Who Is Eligible and How to Apply
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The coverage is available for both pre-and post-natal care and provides a wide range of benefits to help protect both the mother and child from financial burden. 


The plan offers different benefits such as consultations, emergency medical treatment, hospitalization, ultrasounds, blood tests, and more. 

With this insurance, you will never have to worry about the cost of your delivery and hospital stay, and can focus on what really matters - you and your baby.

An Important Factor to Consider

One of the major concerns of having Pacific Prime UK maternity insurance or any maternity insurance is the waiting period. It is important to know how waiting periods work so that you can plan out when you should have your maternity insurance. 


Most insurance policies have a waiting period of between nine to 12 months. During this time, the policy does not cover any prenatal or postnatal care or delivery costs. 

If you are planning on having a baby, make sure that you have planned out the waiting period as well and purchase a maternity insurance plan long before you want to get pregnant. This way, you will not be caught without any coverage, especially during the crucial months of your pregnancy.

What You Can and Cannot Claim

The Pacific Prime UK maternity insurance covers pregnancy and childbirth-related medical expenses. Members can claim for the cost of medical treatments, consultations, and medications related to pregnancy and childbirth. 

Maternity Insurance - Who Is Eligible and How to Apply
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You are also covered for prenatal tests and scans during labor and delivery. Post-delivery care for both mother and child is also covered. 

What maternity insurance does not cover are pre-existing medical conditions, infertility treatments like In-Vitro Fertilization and its associated costs, elective cosmetic surgery, home birth, and newborn screening tests.

Why Is it Important to Have Maternity Insurance?

Having a maternity insurance plan is essential for any expecting parent. It offers a wide variety of benefits that help protect both the mother and the baby during the entire pregnancy and childbirth. 

The Pacific Prime UK maternity insurance offers full coverage for the care you need throughout your pregnancy and even after you deliver your child. 

The policy even covers any complications that may arise during pregnancy and childbirth. This includes reimbursement for treatments like Caesarian sections and other medical procedures that may need to be performed to ensure safe delivery.

Cover for Newborns from Day One

The Pacific Prime UK maternity insurance policy also includes coverage for newborns up to six weeks after birth. 

Maternity Insurance - Who Is Eligible and How to Apply
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This gives mothers peace of mind so they don't have to worry about their child's health especially if any newborn health issues arise. 

Postnatal care is always important and the Pacific Prime UK maternity insurance covers postnatal check ups with a doctor. It also covers any necessary medical diagnostic tests and treatments that may be needed during this vital period of your child's life. 

This coverage is not always offered by regular health insurance so having this type of policy helps put your mind at ease, especially in the next few weeks of your child's life. 

Choose a Flexible Plan

Pacific Prime UK maternity insurance offers a wide range of customizable plans that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Depending on your current budget, coverage requirements, and lifestyle, there are different options available including basic plans up to premium ones. 

The basic plan usually covers the cost associated with prenatal care up to the hospitalization and delivery of the child. If you want to have more extensive protection, the premium plan is the best way to go. 

The premium plan covers pre- and post-natal wellness checkups, counseling sessions, and many other procedures. You can get in touch with Pacific Prime UK to find out what plan is best for you.

Check to See if You're Eligible

Before you apply for a maternity insurance plan, make sure that you are eligible for the policy. The requirements will depend on the kind of policy that you wish to purchase. 

Maternity Insurance - Who Is Eligible and How to Apply
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Applicants must be between 18 to 45 years old to qualify for the policy. Applicants must be a resident of the United Kingdom or have been continuously living in the UK for at least six months before the application. 

Applicants who are pregnant at the time of application must be less than 28 weeks pregnant and they must not be expecting more than one baby. 

Applicants are highly encouraged to disclose any pre-existing conditions as this might be one of the many reasons why you may be denied.

How to Apply

Once you know you are eligible, you can proceed to send an application. Make sure that you have done your research and you know the insurance plan that you want to have. After choosing a plan, you can then request a quote through their official website. 

Compare the quotes you have received with other insurers to make sure you're getting the best deal for your needs. You will need to consider different factors such as your budget and amount of coverage needed. 

Once you have chosen your plan, submit all necessary information and documents then send your payment to complete your application process. Depending on the type of insurance plan you want, you may need to pay upfront or in monthly installments.


Being pregnant carries risks and as a mother, you always want to do everything in your power to keep you and your baby healthy as possible. This is why never having to worry about any financial issues regarding hospitalization and care for yourself and your child should be your priority. Let the Pacific Prime UK maternity insurance do it for you.