Most people look for a credit card with robust reward features to maximize their perks and benefits. The Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa card is a good addition to anyone’s wallet because it offers unlimited cash back perk, which is easy to earn for every minimum purchase of $1.

The cash back reward is the most distinguishing feature of this card, allowing cardholders to receive 1.5% cash back for every dollar spent. In the first year of using the Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa card, cardholders earn up to 1.8% cash back for purchases made with mobile wallets.

The card’s 12-month promotional period is valuable, along with the zero annual fees. Read on to find out more about the Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa card, its features, perks, fees, and application process.

Wells Fargo Credit Cards - How to Apply for the Cash Wise Visa Online
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Benefits of Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Card

Many rewards credit cards allow cardholders to work for their rewards and spend more just to earn cash back.


A flat rate of 1% cash back is common, but with the Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa card, you get an unlimited Unlimited 1.5% cash rewards on purchases.

Aside from purchasing using mobile wallets, general purchases are also credited, which gives cardholders more chances of collecting cash back.

This card has a $150 cash rewards bonus offering when you spend $500 in purchases within the first 3 months of account opening.


Highlighted Perks

Another highlight of the card is the zero interest on purchases and balance transfers for 15 months. This provides more savings for consolidating credit card debts from other cards.

Additionally, cardholders can also take advantage of this introductory offer to make new purchases without acquiring interest.

The ease of redeeming the cash back rewards is easy, as you can use any Wells Fargo ATM for increments of $20 or more.


These credits can also be used for a plane ticket through the Go Far Rewards program. Cardholders are also allowed to transfer the points to another account they own.

Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Card Application

It’s incredibly easy to apply for the Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa credit card. To ensure higher chances of getting the card, applicants must be at least 21 years old, a permanent resident of the United States or legal citizen, and employed.

You must not have opened a Wells Fargo credit card within the last 15 months.

Wells Fargo has an online facility to accept all applications virtually. Simply visit the Wells Fargo website and click on ‘Apply Now’.

You will be redirected to the application page where you can input your personal information.

Fees and Charges

As mentioned, this credit card has no annual fee, but there are other associated charges, including the following. (APRs are based on creditworthiness.)

  • Purchase APR - 0% intro for first 15 months from the date of account opening, 14.49% - 24.99% thereafter
  • Balance Transfer APR - 0% intro for first15 months from date of account opening, 14.49% - 24.99% thereafter
  • Cash Advance and Overdraft Protection Advance APR - 23.99% - 25.99%
  • Minimum Interest Charge - $1
  • Foreign Currency Conversion Fee - 3%
  • Cash Advance Fee - $10 or 5%, whichever is greater
  • Overdraft Protection Advance Fee - $12.50 if the total for advances for the day is $50 or less, $20 if the total of advances for the day is greater than $50
  • Balance Transfer Fee - Intro fee of $5 or 3%, whichever is greater, for 120 days from account opening (after that, up to 5% for each balance transfer, with a minimum of $5)
  • Returned Payment Fee - Up to $40
  • Late Payment Fee - Up to $40

Bank Address and Contact Information

Wells Fargo Credit Cards - How to Apply for the Cash Wise Visa Online

For any concerns about the Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Card, you may reach the bank by dialing 1-800-967-9521.

The bank’s address is located at Wells Fargo 420 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, California, United States.


If you’re a heavy spender and want to maximize the rewards you get for spending using a credit card, then the Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa card is definitely a valuable addition to your wallet.

It has no annual fee and has a generous introductory promotion offer to save money on balance transfers and purchases. Check out Wells Fargo’s website for more information.

Note: Consider the risks involved in using credit products before applying by consulting the issuing institution’s terms and conditions.