If you have a low credit score and are having trouble applying for a credit card, then you should consider the Ocean Finance Credit Card. It caters specifically to people with low credit scores, and those who wish to build their credit score.

It has a low credit limit of between £200 and £8,000, which is enough to start your credit building journey. The limit you get from the bank is based on your current circumstances and this can be reviewed each year, depending on how successfully you are making payments each month.


This credit card offered by Ocean Finance comes with plenty of benefits and features which are extremely attractive for the card user. Learn more about these features in this article.

Ocean Finance Credit Card - Learn How to Apply
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Ocean Finance Credit Card Benefits and Features

The Ocean Finance Credit Card comes with a host of features. The following sections share a curated a list of the top ones you need to know about.

Improve Your Credit Score

As a credit builder, the Ocean Credit Card can be used to help people improve their credit score over time.


It can also help you build your credit if you do not yet have any credit. A good credit score ensures that you always get good interest rates.

Online App Management

The bank has a mobile app available on the Google Play Store to help you easily and conveniently manage your account.

This mobile app will always give you access to your account, where you can keep track of the deposits, withdrawals, and any payments made using the card.


Limit increases

The credit limit starts low at around £200, depending on your credit score, but the more you repay the card on time and in full, the more the limit will keep increasing.

Pros and Cons of the Ocean Finance Credit Card


  • It is ideal for people with poor credit scores
  • Easy mobile app management of the account
  • No annual fee


  • Has a high-interest rate
  • Late payment charges could affect people who struggle with credit

Ocean Finance Credit Card Fees

The following list of fees and charges are important to consider when applying for and using the Ocean Credit Card.

  • APR – 24.9% - 39.9%, based on creditworthiness, variable
  • Balance Transfer – charged at 39.94%
  • Balance transfer fee – 2.9%
  • Annual fee - £0
Ocean Finance Credit Card - Learn How to Apply
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Ocean Finance Credit Card Eligibility

Before applying for this card, ensure that you meet the following eligibility criteria. You must be at least 18 years of age, and be a United Kingdom citizen with a UK address.

How to Apply for the Ocean Finance Credit Card

To apply for this card, visit the Ocean Finance website or download the Ocean Finance app, and complete the application form.

The form will require a range of personal and financial details including your name, address, date of birth, assets, and investments including debts, expenses. You will also have to share you your employment information such as your role, your employer’s information, and salary details.

Finally, you must provide proof of identification from a driver’s license or a valid government ID.

Ocean Finance Address and Contact Information

Ocean Finance is based at Think Park, Mosley Road, Trafford Park, Manchester, M17 IFQ, United Kingdom

For enquiries, they can be reached by telephone at 0344 481 2812 from within the UK, or at +44 1159 938 002 from outside the UK.


The Ocean Finance Credit Card is perfect for anyone struggling with their credit score, or don't yet have an existing credit history. To be sure this card is right for you, make sure to consider other credit cards before deciding which is best for you.

Note: Consider the risks involved in using credit products before applying by consulting the issuing institution’s terms and conditions.