If you are a current ING current account holder and looking for a credit card, the ING Visa Classic Credit Card should be your first choice.


This card from ING Bank is a secure and easy-to-use credit card. It is accepted all over Belgium and abroad, and you can use it with any ATM where Visa is accepted.

In this article you'll learn more about the ING Visa Classic credit card and how you can order one for yourself.

ING Visa Classic Credit Card – How to order

ING Visa Classic Credit Card: Features

ING Visa Classic Credit card comes with a variety of benefits. One of which is direct payment functionality from your account to your credit card. Your linked ING current account will be debited automatically 9 days after your card statement is posted.

The ING Visa Classic credit card is also automatically activated for international use. The credit card is not restricted to any particular region or country. You can use your card to purchase and to withdraw cash in any country.


You can check your expenditure when you want. Your current and previous month’s spending records can be checked by using ING's mobile banking platform Home'Bank and its secure mobile application.


All purchases with your ING Visa Classic Credit Card are covered against accidental damage, street robbery and burglary for 90 days after payment was made. Online shopping purchases are insured against non-delivery and faulty delivery up to a maximum of €1,000 per year.

Trips you make using public transport or a rental are covered if paid with your ING Visa Classic Credit Card.

The card also offers travel accident insurance. You are also insured for a maximum of €100,000 in the event of your death or permanent disability, and you are entitled to additional compensation worth up to €30,000 to cover investigation, rescue and repatriation costs.

Downsides of the ING Visa Classic Credit Card

The credit limit for this card is €2,000, which would prove to be quite low for the spending needs of some people, compared to what cards from other companies offer.

You must also be an ING current account holder to apply for this card.

Finally, the international travel insurance only covers you for a maximum of 60 consecutive days.

ING Visa Classic Credit Card: Rates And Fees

  • Annual fee - €27 or €10 if you are under 25
  • Foreign exchange margin - 2%
  • Cash withdrawals at ATM in Eurozone: €6 plus 1% of the amount withdrawn.
  • Cash withdrawals at bank branches: €8 plus 1% of the amount withdrawn.
  • Cash withdrawal in another currency: 2% of the cash withdrawn.
  • Card replacement fee: €9.99.
  • Limit increasing fee: €0 if done online or by a call.

ING Visa Classic Credit Card: Eligibility

The card is only available to current ING account holders. You have to be a private individual and aged 18 or over.

How to Get an ING Visa Classic Credit Card

To apply for the ING Visa Classic credit card, visit the official website and search for it by name in the search bar. When you have navigated to the card's page, click "I would like this credit card".

You will then be prompted to enter your online banking login information.

Address and Contact Information

ING’s head office is situated at Avenue Marnix 24, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium.

For further information about the ING Visa Classic Credit Card, you can also contact the bank by telephone at +32 2 274 18 10.


If you are an ING current account holder, it is worthwhile to have a look at the ING Visa Classic Credit Card. Its perks such as automatic payment and travel coverage can give people who travel a lot peace of mind.

Note: Consider the risks involved in using credit products before applying by consulting the issuing institution’s terms and conditions.